Tim Hinton is an Orlando-based composer and arranger who also shares his passion for fitness and exercise by working as a Personal Trainer. Tim began working out when he was 15 years old and has continued to pursue his fitness goals for the last 35 years. These many years in the gym, coupled with extensive reading and study in the field of exercise and fitness, have given him a wealth of information to share with his clients.

Tim has had the great advantage of working with and learning from a number of very talented personal trainers himself, including Jeff Rogers in Atlanta (who took him from 150 to 180), Rich Kline in Orlando (who took him from 180 to 205), and Nick Williams who improved the shape, roundness, and lines of Tim's physique in dramatic ways. Tim is currently training with workout partner extraordinaire John Passarella, a little Italian tank with giant arms and a great sense of humor.  Tim is incredibly grateful for the knowledge and inspiration he received from these and other trainers and training partners.

Tim is so busy with his music compositions that he is only working as a trainer part time. However, he’s always happy to share his passion and knowledge with anyone who is aspiring to increase their level of fitness and attain their physique goals. Hopefully the information on this site will be helpful to those interested in this topic. Tim also welcomes questions about training which can be addressed to him from the “contact Tim” link at this site.

Also make sure and visit the Blog on this website where topics about fitness and training are often addressed.

Tim works out at the LA Fitness in Conway. He lives in Orlando with his partner Lee and their dogs Gus and Sophia. Learn more about Lee's artwork at www.leevandergrift.com.