Original Concert Band Compositions and Arrangements
Commission an original composition or arrangement for your Concert Band! Play a brand new march at concert festival, written especially to showcase the strengths (and hide any weaknesses) in your ensemble. Honor a student, parent, or teacher with a piece written especially for them on the Spring Concert, or create a new piece for your annual Holiday Concert.

Call or email to inquire about a special commission for your band. Existing Concert Band Compositions and Arrangements are listed below. Listen to the music by clicking on the title in this MP3 player.


A Day At The Park

An upbeat, energetic 2:40 piece in the “circus march” style, written at a grade 4 to 5 level.

A Heart of Gold (Grade 4 to 5)

A NEW composition commissioned by the seniors at Northwestern HS in Rock Hill, SC to honor their director Larry Wells. Slower heartfelt melodies build gradually to a memorable climax portraying love and gratitude throughout this six minute selection.

Greensleeves (Grade 3)

Commissioned by the Sampson Middle School band in Clinton, NC, this interesting arrangement of the classic holiday tune is designed for teaching a multitude of 6/8 rhythms while giving all players in the ensemble something interesting to play. Not only for young bands, this 3 minute selection will make any band sound great with a minimum of rehearsal.

In the Bleak Midwinter

Another great classic carol for your holiday concert, featuring an oboe soloist and an interesting variety of band sonorities and textures. This 2 ½ minute piece will sound great with a minimum of rehearsal, written to the Grade 3 to 4 level.

March of the Black and Silver

A classic march in 6/8 time with “Prokofiev-like” harmonies, written for a grade 5 to 6 level band.

March of the Insecure

A nontraditional march which musically plays at the mannerisms of the insecure. The piece lasts 3:15 and is written at a grade 4 to 5 level.

Modern Movement

This exciting 4:00 concert selection is written at a difficult grade 4 or medium grade 5 level.

Silent Night

This somewhat non-traditional treatment of the classic carol features warm, lush harmonies and includes a trumpet solo (cued to oboe also). Written at a Grade 3 to 4 level, this 2 ½ minute selection is a great change-of-pace for your holiday concert.

Summer Night, Top Down

An upbeat 3:00 concert piece depicting a wild ride in a convertible on I-4. Written at a grade 4 to 5 level, it includes traffic sounds, swerving melodies, and a few yelled comments.  This live concert version was recorded at the premiere, performed by the Newsome High School Wind Ensemble and conducted by the composer.

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