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Friday, December 4th, 2015


Difficulty Level: Medium-Easy, Grade 3/4

Style: Contemporary Composition based on "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)"

Original Composition by Tim Hinton

Percussion Written by Clif walker

(Commissioned by the Woodruff HS Band, Woodruff, SC, Barry Wash, Director)

A lovely show that tells the life story of Vincent van Gogh.  Tragic, inspiring, an amazing story!  I composed an original score based on the popular song "Vincent (Starry Starry Night)" that all audiences know and associate with van Gogh.  Voice-overs explain the story while colors and visuals interpret artistically.  And of course, flags with art by van Gogh make this an incredible artistic experience.  NOTE: Gorgeous digitally printed flags may be available to save you time and money.  Inquire ASAP.

Tim Purple Shirt squareNOTE: The music in this show requires Copyright Permission to perform.  If you want to perform this show, contact me (at the bottom of this page) and I will explain to you how to proceed with requesting the permission to perform that music.  There is no guarantee that the rights will be granted again, though the chances are good.  The band program is responsible for securing the rights and paying all fees associated with them.

Fee for the use of the music for the season:
Winds and Percussion – $1500 

Download Perusal Score – Vincent (PDF)

Video courtesy of MarchingArts.Education.  View and Purchase videos HERE

The world is grey, and this is not easy.

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Facebook, Internet News, and TV News have become exhausting to me because they see to be full of people screaming at each other. Rather than having thoughtful discussions about difficult topics, we seem to have reduced things to two talking heads yelling their opinions and not listening to each other.

The problem is that the world is grey, not black and white. Oh, it would be so much easier if it WAS black and white. How fun and comforting it is to have the man in the black hat who is the bad guy, and the man in the white hat who swoops in to save the day. We know exactly who to root for. The morals and choices are clear.

But in the real world, everything is actually grey. This is harder, this is not as easy or comforting, this requires careful THOUGHT and CONSIDERATION. But most people take the easy way, take their position, and then hold on for dear life.

Nothing is more dangerous than a person who is absolutely certain that they are right. This really stems from fear. I find I can have some compassion for people if I see this fearful place they are coming from. If you are fearful about something then you tend to hole up and fight, AND decide that you have to convince as many people as possible to agree with you, since this makes you feel better about your position.

Sadly, it seems that these fearful folk have convinced themselves it’s okay to lie and make things up to get others to agree….as long as a bunch of us all feel the same way. Then they can feel less unsure and fearful, and can allow themselves to overlook those who may be trampled or damaged in the wake of their fearful crusade.  And our brain actually is wired for this "cognitivie dissonance" so that we can overlook or rationalize away facts to protect our position.

But of course having many who agree with you does not mean you are right, though the numbers who agree make us feel better. Most issues are grey. So thinkers will be less certain and will move slower to form an opinion. But this is hard and takes time. Our culture seems to have less tolerance for those things every day.

I’m always happy to learn that I’ve been wrong about something. I DO like to be right and to know better, and I’m ready to find out the nuances of a subject and expand my understanding. I’m no pushover, and I won’t suffer fools, but I will hear what you have to say. Changing my opinion can be scary to many, but I do enjoy getting things right.

But nothing is more dangerous than the half-informed man who has an opinion and is fearful and is absolutely CERTAIN about something.  Then logic is closed and battle lines are drawn.

So I try to see through all the politicians and news shows and religious extremists who make things up or deny facts to buffer their positions. I see their fear, I know our brains like to be certain and can lead us into this denial, and I try to know better. And I try to be thoughtful and patient and live in the grey of our world. It takes more effort and is less comforting, but it’s what an educated man of society should do. And I encourage all those around me to try to do the same. This is the hope of our society for the future, and the kind of world I want to live in.

Letter to Bob Iger

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

I mailed this letter to Bob Iger about how the new FastPass Plus system has ruined the park experience for me.

October 12, 2014

To Bob Iger:

logoYesterday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios I walked up to a FastPass Plus location and asked if I could get a FastPass for “Toy Story Mania.”  The cast member looked me dead in the eye and said “Oh no, those are reserved months in advance and only online.”  This is when I knew the Disney park experience had been ruined for me.

I love Disney, I love the Disney Parks, and I should be your dream demographic.  I love the parks so much that I moved to Orlando so I could be near them and visit often.  It used to be at least once a week, but no more. 

The new “Fast Pass Plus Magic Band” debacle has ruined the parks for me.  When I complain to my Disney cast member friends, they are quick to point out that guest satisfaction is UP because of this new service.  And this surely is true for those rich families who spend years planning an extravagant vacation, can stay in a Disney Resort, and spend lots of money.  AND plan way in advance!  The best times and attractions are reserved for them!  I’m sure they have a fantastic vacation.

But you’ve ruined the experience for everyone else.  You’ve certainly ruined it for me.  I don’t think the optimum theme park experience is running from planned event to planned event trying to get it all done.  Where’s the joy of slowing down and just enjoy being there? 

And I wonder about the guest who just shows up at the front gate and wants to have a terrific day.  The game is now so rigged that if you don’t plan weeks (or months) in advance, you can’t just walk in and do all the great things that are offered.  Imagine a guest who drives to the park, pays $100 (ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!) for a one day ticket, and then finds out inside that every major attraction has a two hour wait and no fast pass tickets available.  They’ve all been reserved way in advance, and this paying guest spends their day standing in long lines and seeing very little.

For an annual passholder like myself, the odds are even more sad.  I used to visit a Disney park at least once a week and spend lots of money on meals and souvenirs.  Now I rarely go at all.  My passholder discount has been cut to nothing, all fastpasses are gone, and anything available is usually HOURS later in the day.  I can’t just show up for a couple of hours and have a nice time, or at least expect to ride anything.  My trips now consist of enjoying the atmosphere and riding nothing.

When I complained to a friend who works at the park he did some research and admitted that, yes, all FastPasses for the new Seven Dwarfs Coaster are gone each morning by 9:15.   Only fifteen minutes after the park has opened.  And surely if I was able to grab one of these rare passes, they would likely be for very late in the day.  At this point I fully expect to never get to ride this new attraction.  How can I justify standing in the hot Florida sun for two hours (or more) just to ride a 3 minute kiddie coaster?  I’d love to experience this new bit of Disney magic, but apparently Disney magic is now reserved for rich families spending LOTS of money.   The day guest paying $100….too bad!  In the old Fast Pass system, each guest could only reserve one at a time, so even though wait times were longer, it still seemed somewhat fair.  Everyone was in the same boat.  But now the deck is stacked for the rich, and the rest of us are out of luck.

As for me, I now find myself spending my time and money at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where I can walk up to Hogwarts castle and get on a ride with NO fastpass, or jump on a train and then relax in Diagon Alley where the location and atmosphere are the greatest attraction.  There is where I now spend my time and money.

I don’t think this situation is beyond saving, but it seems the cynics are right when they say that Disney is only about the rich and no longer cares about the average guest experience.  I’m hoping this could change, as I miss the wonderful Disney Park experience.  It’s a terrible loss.


Tim Hinton

Band is Great

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Tim Hinton on Field 3I found this picture of me sitting on a podium during a band clinic rehearsal.  It made me happy to remember these times when I get to work hands on with students and staff members, trying to make a difference in their show, their season, and hopefully their lives.

It also reminded me just how hard these young people work.   In this day and age when people are lamenting how entitled and lazy students can be (and honestly, there is a lot of this around in our world), I remind myself that there are many young people really working hard and dedicating themselves to be a part of a group to make a difference in some way.  And of course, those in the band are in this group also.

Marching season is a long way off now, though gyms today are filled with color guards and indoor drumlines starting their competitive seasons, not to mention basketball players, wrestlers, cheerleaders, and many other hard working and dedicated young people.  So if you see these folks, make sure and applaud them and let them know in some way that you realize they are part of the SOLUTION, not the problem.  I look forward to being on a field again soon.

Geeky Guns

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

glasses1I have a thing for men in glasses, and have for as long as I can remember.  I also love guys with big arms.  So one could imagine that putting these two things together creates a perfect storm that I'm sure to appreciate.

Mentzer (10dcf914)

My good friend John and I were walking around Universal yesterday for his birthday and we passed a hunky man in black glasses with great arms.  Knowing that this guy was "right up my alley" John commented that he was "Geeky Guns."  And right then and there I realized I had another catch phrase for my life.  So there you go… one of the things that turns my crank is "Geeky Guns Guys."

I'm pretty certain that this all started with Mike Mentzer.  He was a huge bodybuilding star in the 70's when I started following the sport and buying magazines.  (He's pictured here in the black "George Turner's Gym" T-shirt.)  Notice the arms that are not small….

Madzarovic (8968b3ae)So now you know something else exciting about me.  Hey, to each his own, right?  I know you'll rest better with this snippet of information!  And I recommend that you find your own fun catch phrases to accompany your life.  Hope you have a friend like John who excels at groaners like these.  

Why We Don’t Like the Stanford Band

Friday, January 10th, 2014

The past two years, Stanford has played in the Rose Bowl and the Stanford Band has frolicked it’s way down the parade route showing everyone “the fun side” of marching band.  To my eyes, their attitude is that they are “too cool to care” about doing things right.  Why work toward excellence or true artistry when you could be having fun instead?

stanford-bandOf course, I can see the allure of marching in a major college bowl game performing by banging on a street sign.  This “devil may care” attitude is one that young people relish and there may in fact be something healthy about flaunting society’s conventions.  However, I’m old enough to think that there are appropriate times and places for such flaunting.

For those of us who spend our lives working very hard in an activity that we consider an “art form,” this thumbing of the nose does not sit so well.  We understand that great things come from hard work, great design, playing and performing well.  There is true merit and value in sounding good, performing with precision, creating artistic and effective moments in motion and music.  And we understand that trusting and abiding by the basic constructs of our activity in the marching arts allows these things to happen.

Structure is good, and true art requires amazing discipline.  The great innovations almost always come after years of struggle and work following rules.  One cannot learn to bend or break the basic rules until one truly knows how they work.

Sadly, the Stanford band serves as an example of doing things the wrong way.  It’s baffling to me that they are allowed to perform and represent their school, although many will try to tell you they are not an official group.  Hard to swallow this when they wander out onto a field at a major bowl game.

So if you want to challenge the world’s constructs, learn all about them first.  And don’t applaud laziness which pretends to be coolness.  It’s simply insulting to those of us who do care and work so hard.

(Photo from HERE)

Age is Not an Excuse

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Older Bodybuilder 2Although getting older does require one to reconsider certain things, it's not a valid excuse for giving up on one's goals or dreams.  This amazing photograph of an older bodybuilder is just one example of what is possible with continued dedication and hard work.

Rather than focusing on limitations that seem to be coming our way, focus instead on getting creative.  There's always a way to continue doing what one loves.  Sure, some modifications or creativity may be required, but there is no reason to not keep going!

Age brings the blessings of wisdom and experience, and we can use those gifts to surmount limitations and continue moving forward.  This is the time of our lives when we can make the biggest impact.  We've worked all our lives to gain knowledge and experience and now we can share our talents with the world in big ways!  So like this older bodybuilder, let's keep working and dreaming and living large!

Don’t Shop on Thanksgiving

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

I lament the loss of some gentle traditions in our culture.  Things like holding doors for people as they enter a building, family picnics, kids playing outside and getting exercise, and the belief that we're all in this together so we should treat each other as we would like to be treated.  (I'm exhausted by the prevalent "every man for himself" mentality these days.)

Thanksgiving ShopBut perhaps the tradition I feel most sad about losing is the traditional Thanksgiving.  This was a day to stop, relax, and spend time with your family.  Shops were all closed and we were all forced to actually pause and reflect on our blessings.  Then we could all get up early the next morning and gorge ourselves on consumerism.

However, this has been lost as more and more businesses are opening on Thanksgiving day.  Our culture of greed and excess can’t even wait to start maxing out our credit cards until 6am the next morning.  Now we have to begin the process Thanksgiving afternoon.

I feel this is true loss of something important.  Corporate greed has become more powerful than respect for family. There is great value in stopping and spending time with your family.  And Thanksgiving has always been THE mac daddy of this.

The true loss here is that if a store is open on Thanksgiving, then many people are being forced to work and are not able to spend this time with their family.  This is the true loss.  If you’re so bored that you must shop, that’s your choice.  But businesses that require workers to work on Thanksgiving are forcing profits over family and gratitude.  This is just wrong, and all of these businesses should be CALLED OUT about this.

So I for one will NOT be shopping on Thanksgiving.  I will not give my dollar to a business that denies its workers even ONE day to spend with their families on an important holiday.  If the dollar has grown that important, then perhaps our society really is in a mess of trouble.

Halloween Hysteria

Friday, October 25th, 2013

bam bamI actually am a fan of political correctness in many forms, and I think members of our society should treat each other with respect and dignity. But the latest bit of Hysteria over Halloween costumes really has me seeing red.

According to a news story, the University of Colorado Boulder has banned "Offensive" costumes this Halloween.  You can see the article HERE.  And their definition of offensive includes dressing like a cowboy, indian, or white trash.  These people are completely missing the point of Halloween.

The real point of Halloween is to laugh at your fears, laugh at the ridiculous, and have fun being whatever or whoever you like for one night.  In my opinion, Halloween is the one day when ALL BETS ARE OFF and rules don't apply.  I think it's very healthy to laugh and poke fun at the outrageous, terrifying and idiotic.  And it's not only politicians I'm talking about!

I say…"go out, have fun, be whatever you want to be for one night and no one can tell you to stop."  And if they try just laugh at them also and don't give them candy.  They don't deserve it, though anyone who is such a monumental stick in the mud likely could use a little sugar to lighten things up.

Have fun, and be that policeman, congressman, cowboy, ghoul, construction worker, cartoon character, slutty maid…. be whatever you want to be.  Tell them Tim gave you permission, in the true spirit of the holiday!

(That pic is me as Bam-Bam with a real pizza guy.)

Happy Shows

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Plain-M&Ms-PileThe 2013 competitive marching band season is finishing up for many bands and I’m so proud and appreciative of the many bands that have trusted me to help them create their shows.  I’m particularly proud of the many “Happy” shows that I helped design and bring to life this season.

The marching activity is full of dark shows.  They’re fun to do and bring built-in drama to the performers.  Bands sound great playing those dark tonalities.  And almost any young student and portray dark drama with ease.  I enjoy these shows and they are often successful.  But there are so many of them now!

If you sit at a band show you will often see a majority of shows with a dark theme.  So one way to make your band stand out from the crowd is to bring a “breath of fresh air” to the day.  I love creating “happy shows” that stand out in these crowds for being more light-hearted and upbeat.

Granted, this is harder for a band to sell and bring to life.  Happy can easily become corny, and even some of the best marching groups of all time have fallen prey to this.  The best way that we counter this problem is to bring a level of sophistication and detail to the production.  If the theme is happy but the presentation is totally top notch, the show can work well and just make us smile, not cringe.

WOLF 3 smallerWhen developing props for these happy shows, we must all guarantee that everything is beautiful and looks expensive, from the props to the flags to the costuming.  And then the performance must be at a high level, with sophisticated show design and music arrangements. 

So if you are sitting through a contest, appreciate the extra work behind a happy show, and realize that you are indeed happy to be smiling at this moment and enjoying a lighter “change of pace.”  If you’re a judge, give credit for the sophistication of design and performance, and don’t fall prey to the lazy man’s reaction.  (The Oscars, for example, often reward a cancer victim role over a comedic tour de force.)  Let’s give these happy shows their due!  I guarantee that audiences are thrilled to have something lighter presented.  And the world can use a little beauty and light these days!