Here is some basic information that might be helpful as you pursue a fitness program. These are ideas and techniques that have worked for me and which I often recommend to my training clients.

The Basic Fitness Concepts
In order to change and improve your body you must:

Train with Weights
Do Cardio
Eat correctly

All three of these are essential ingredients to successfully achieve your fitness goals.

Weight Training – Lift weights to strengthen muscles and increase your percentage of muscle mass. This will raise your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories at rest and, of course, improve your appearance.
Cardiovascular Training – Raise your heart rate into the target zone for at least 20 to 30 minutes at a time for improved heart strength and stamina, plus as a means of lowering body fat and aiding general well-being.
Diet – Eat smartly with 3 meals and 2 or 3 healthy snacks daily to keep the metabolism fueled and even. Six or seven “feedings” of healthy foods have great benefits. You’re not eating more than your typical 3 meals a day. You’re simply dividing the total food into smaller amounts to keep your body fueled evenly.
Many people try to improve their health and body appearance with only one or two of the above ingredients, but it takes a balance of all three to optimally get results. Extensive cardiovascular work without weight training is not as effective and often can be counter-productive as the body reacts to the stresses by holding onto fat or simply not improving without the added muscle tone. (We’ve all seen these ladies who religiously attend aerobics classes but never lose that fat or tone up.) Changing your diet without the addition of any exercise can be helpful but results will be much less without the added benefits of exercise to help burn calories and change the body composition. The combination of all three elements will allow you to improve most rapidly and safely.

Make sure and look at my “fitness suggestions” for other tips on getting the most from your workouts.