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A Change of Tone

Difficulty Level: Medium, Grade 4

Style: Contemporary Arrangements of Classical Music

Arranged by Tim Hinton

Percussion Music by John Cypert

Originally commissioned by the Whitewater H.S. Band, Fayetteville, GA – Jack Jean, Director.

A great concept with a clever musical twist!  Very famous, recognization, audience-friendly classical melodies are played and then "transformed" to a different tone!  Happy "major" melodies like "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" or "Beethoven's 9th" shift to a dark, minor tone.  Famous "minor" melodies like "Night on Bald Mountain" become a gorgeous lush ballad in a major key!  Audiences and judges feel smart as the hear the tonality shift throughout the show.  Review from a fan: "I loved your show; it was the best concept I've ever seen from any marching band (including drum corps), and you guys executed it very well! I really enjoyed your music selection and transitions to parallel keys; it was very interesting and extremely effective (along with the unique solos and duets) at creating a change in tone. Congratulations to you and whoever else helped in creating that show, and congratulations to your amazing band!"

Fee for the use of the music for the season:
Winds and Percussion – $1500

Download Perusal Score Part One (PDF)

Download Perusal Score Part Two (PDF)

For Availability and Questions please CLICK HERE to contact Tim.