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The Music of Rimsky-Korsakov

Difficulty Level: Medium, Grade 3/4

Style: Contemporary Arrangements of Classic melodies

Original Arrangements  by Tim Hinton

Russian Easter Overture / Flight of the Bumblebee (w/drum solo) / Scheherazade: Young Prince / Festival at Baghdad / Russian Easter Reprise OR Scheherazade Finale

The power of big, strong Russian Classics, with melodies your audience will know and enjoy!  Begin with the classic "Russian Easter," feature your mallets or woodwinds dazzling on the "Bumblebee" production, and end with the romance of tuneful "Scheherazade."  This show will make your band sound big and confident.

Fee for the use of the music for the season:
Wind Parts Only – $1000

Tim Purple Shirt squareNOTE: If you play these arrangements and are willing to use my percussion writer, I will help you pay for the creation of the percussion music for this show.  Contact me (at the bottom of this page) for more information.  ALSO…this is an older arrangement but music that I love.  Contact me to discuss the ways that this music could be made ready for you to use, including possible updates or rewrites if you would like!

Download Perusal Score of Russian Easter Overture (PDF)
Download Perusal Score of Flight of the Bumblebee (PDF)
Download Perusal Score of Scheherazade Finale Production (PDF)

For Availability and Questions please CLICK HERE to contact Tim.