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It’s a Stretch

Difficulty Level: Medium-Easy, Grade 3

Style: Contemporary Symphonic Music with jazzy moments

Original Music Composed by Tim Hinton

(Originally commissioned by the  Clinton H.S. Band, Clinton, NC, John Lowe, Director)

This show of original music explores everything "stretchy." The musical lines and phrases stretch and extend in interesting ways, and the visual possibilities are endless, from a warm-up body stretch to drill forms and guard props & equipment which stretch and bend.  

Tim Purple Shirt squareOkay, I know that these midi recordings are awful!  The piano sound is for the front ensemble music, and the repeated notes are where you must imagine cool drum breaks!  But even with these limitations, I encourage you to use your imagination and consider the solid, playable melodies and impacts.  Some good drum writing could bring the energy of this show to life.  I also wrote the drill for the original production of this show, and it was great fun to bend and stretch forms all over the field to match the music…plus all the fun with guard props and even flagpoles that bent and stretched also.  Imagine what you could do! NOTE: If you perform this show and use my percussion writer, I will help pay to get great percussion parts written!

Fee for use of music for the season:
Wind Parts Only – $1000

Download Perusal Score Mvt. 1 (PDF)
Download Perusal Score Mvt. 2 (PDF)
Download Perusal Score Mvt. 3 (PDF)

For Availability and Questions please CLICK HERE to contact Tim.