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Age is Not an Excuse

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Older Bodybuilder 2Although getting older does require one to reconsider certain things, it's not a valid excuse for giving up on one's goals or dreams.  This amazing photograph of an older bodybuilder is just one example of what is possible with continued dedication and hard work.

Rather than focusing on limitations that seem to be coming our way, focus instead on getting creative.  There's always a way to continue doing what one loves.  Sure, some modifications or creativity may be required, but there is no reason to not keep going!

Age brings the blessings of wisdom and experience, and we can use those gifts to surmount limitations and continue moving forward.  This is the time of our lives when we can make the biggest impact.  We've worked all our lives to gain knowledge and experience and now we can share our talents with the world in big ways!  So like this older bodybuilder, let's keep working and dreaming and living large!