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FITNESS: The Little Things

Monday, June 14th, 2010

As we go through life, we tend to think about the big moments that we have experienced.  We all have major, life-changing moments that seem to dictate the way that our life flows.

However, if you consider the percentage of time that we have been alive, and the amount of time that these major moments actually took, you will discover that this is just a tiny fraction of our entire time on this planet.  Most of the time we have been living day to day, going through our lives doing the “little things.”

Certainly our major moments have often had momentous impact on our lives.  But far greater impact comes from the accumulation of little things.  Every single day we make a multitude of choices and decisions, and all of these add up to REALLY direct our lives.

Let’s take fitness for example.  There are major decisions that really impact our progress in the gym.  Joining a gym.  Which gym to join and when to go.  Whether to hire a trainer.  How often to work out.  But then there are many smaller decisions made every day during our workouts.  Things like how much weight to use, what kind of focus to bring to the set we’re doing, and what kind of form to use.

If we go through the workouts in a haphazard manner, then we will get the same kind of results.  But we are diligent in every moment of the workout, determined to be focused and do our best with each single rep, then those small decisions and that diligence will undoubtedly add up to great progress over time.

When deciding what to eat, we may make large goals about losing weight or eating more healthily.  But it’s the smaller decisions made multiple times each that really add up and make a difference.  What good choices will we make at this moment for our next meal?  Will we stop eating when we’re full or keep going until the giant portion we’ve been served is all gone?  Do you really want that dessert?  One bite or the entire piece of pie?  All of these small decisions add up to giant life choices over time.  It’s often the accumulative power of these choices that really dictates our success.

Will I smoke that cigarette or decide to fight that craving for one more hour?  Will I have that extra beer with friends or will I stop after two and make them “light beers?”  Will I let my coworker drive me crazy in this meeting, adding to my unhealthy life stress, or will I try to see the bigger picture and think about my career goals?

All of these choices that seem minuscule at the time will really add up together to become your life.  Each small choice is one step toward your goal.  Major fitness accomplishments are not made in sweeping gestures, but one food choice at a time, one great rep at a time, and one moment of discipline at a time.  Pay attention to your life and demand that you treat yourself with respect in every moment and in every choice.  Then the major choices will be easy and your path will lead you toward great success and better health and fitness.