FITNESS: Invest in your goals by getting the gear

You’re spending a lot of time working on your fitness goals, sweating in the gym, eating right, and getting adequate rest.  Why, then, would you cut corners with your gym gear?

You’re already giving your most valuable assets, your time and attention.  These are the real personal assets you must devote to any activity to be successful.  But there are other things you can do also which will make a real difference.

Invest in the equipment needed to really do things right.   Start by wearing the right clothes to the gym.  Purchase comfortable and appropriate shorts and shirts to work out in.  If you can, invest a little more and get the newest products.  There are now shirts and tank tops which actually pull the sweat and water away from your body.  This can keep you more comfortable and also cooler.

I’m a big fan of workout gloves in the gym.  I don’t want my hands rough or full of calluses.    Plus having good leather workout gloves improves my grip and also keeps my hands less sweaty, preventing injuries or mishaps.

I wear gloves which include wrist wraps for wrist support.  I have a wrist injury which can hinder my workouts, but these gloves help me maintain correct form and put the force of the lift where it should go.

If you are learning yoga, then invest in your own mat.  You may need a towel or sweat band for your favorite activity, and a water bottle may help you get through a spin class.

Serious lifters can have an arsenal of workout aids, including lifting belts, wrist straps, or other products used to improve form on certain exercises.

Whatever you are doing, spend a few dollars and give yourself the best equipment needed so you can succeed.  Why spend all this effort in the gym only to be slowed by inadequate clothing or equipment?  Any money spent will pay huge dividends in increased progress and enjoyment in the gym.  Now get to Sports Authority and get it going!

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